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The Woman Behind The Urban Farmhouse


...with my number one taste tester and critic.

Storytelling is perhaps one of the greatest ways to connect with others.  It’s a pathway to understanding and a bridge to common ground. This is my story (well the extremely abridged version) and that of the unpaved roads of The Urban Farmhouse.


I saw this African Proverb that read, “No matter how long and winding the road might be, it will always lead you to your destination.”  I grew up in Lebanon, PA and went to The Pennsylvania State University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in “changing the world” (formally titled-Human Development and Family Studies).  I aspired to positively impact the lives of young people: specifically, marginalized youth. After graduation, I moved to New Jersey where I served in Americorps, which is perhaps one of my most life changing experiences to date (Fair Eastside…if ya know, ya know).  Eventually, my road led me back to PA where I continued my career in the social service field.  Throughout my years of professional employment I was placed in positions of progressive leadership and eventually went on to obtain my Masters Degree in Strategic Leadership from Elizabethtown College. 

SOOOOOO my cheesecake loving friends, how do I go from a 20 year career in social services, leading programs and organizations to making cheesecake?  Let me tell ya, that road, it’s a windy one.  I believe God provides us the path to acquire all the essential skills and knowledge to successfully live out our purpose.  From my first job at Dairy Queen to my last professional position, it was all intentional. The Urban Farmhouse allows me to embrace my most authentic self: connecting individuals through a legacy of homemade, while emphasizing an innate ability to lead,  and ultimately highlighting my heart for youth.


Fast forward to the part about TUF (definitely the most fitting, yet unplanned acronym).  You know how we all have those “if I ever won the lottery ideas”, well, this was mine… except it wasn’t Publishers Clearinghouse knocking on my door.  Instead, it was a bit of self-actualization that encouraged me to go after what was laid in my heart so many years before: a vision of opening a bakery (baking has always brought me joy), with a very specific and intentional connection to underserved youth.  While cheesecake was never specifically on the agenda, it quickly became the way.  The way to my destination...The Urban Farmhouse.  

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